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Sophia creates jobs for women in Kenya and Cyprus

Focusing on the employment of women

At the Makarios Children’s Home in Kenya, Sophia employs 24 staff members responsible for child care, with 18 of them being women. This team includes a qualified female nurse and a young special education teacher.

We also financially support the Makarios nursery and primary school in Nyeri by covering the teachers’ salaries. Of the twelve teachers, eight are women. Additionally, in the schools where we conduct our feeding programme, we employ cooks and assistants, further contributing to local employment.

In Cyprus, within the schools participating in our I Cook and I Offer programme, Sophia employs 32 women. These employees are members of the school communities, often mothers or relatives of the students.

Creating jobs and financial opportunities through the making of handicrafts

Sophia aids Kenyan women by providing them with livelihood opportunities through their exquisite handicrafts. We purchase these handicrafts from local Kenyan communities and sell them at the Mikromagazo, our pop-up stall at the Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia, at our Sophia Home at Annis Komninis 31, 1061 Nicosia, and at other special pop-up events.

All proceeds are used to support our programmes in Cyprus and Kenya.