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Many Sophia stories to tell, here are some of them!

Our stories

Since its establishment in 2008, Sophia is dedicated to changing for the better the lives of children in need in Kenya and Cyprus. Here are some of our stories.

David Mahugu

A boy who was 8 years old when Sophia volunteers found him in a juvenile remand (prison) in Nakuru because he stole in order to eat.

2024 – Mahugu realises his dream and is currently a first year student at the Outspan College in Nyeri.


Samal, the girl who inspired our projects in Turkana. Samal was seven years old when we first met her at a dry river in Karoge in the Turkana desert. She walked 15 kilometers to reach the hole in the sand in order to fill her plastic containers with water. She had caried back the heavy containers to her remote home in the desert otherwise her family and animals would perish. Samal was an inspiration for us to construct a mechanical water well in the area of Karoge next to the primary school. Since then, we have been supporting her and two of her siblings to attend school and under our care she is currently in a secondary boarding school. Sophia for Children continues to maintain the vital water well for the benefit of the children of the Karoge primary school, for the surrounding communities and their precious livestock.

Testimonies of children

Testimonies of children of different backgrounds who grew up in the Makarios Children’s Home, our Orphanage.


Our Chairwoman Marina Shacola giving a TEDx speech. Our heroes are the children themselves.

A Story to Tell

3 stories of children from 3 different backgrounds and the different challenges they faced before they were saved and taken to Makarios Children’s Home.