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Our esteemed celebrities, championing the cause of Sophia and children in need

Sophia is honored to be supported by renowned celebrities from the realms of music, art, media and beyond. These notable individuals actively engage in our endeavours and fundraising efforts, aiding us in extending our support and care to children in need across Cyprus and Kenya.

Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi, a renowned Greek Cypriot international singer, is the ambassador of Sophia since 2011 and has been actively supporting our projects in Kenya and in Cyprus.

Alkistis Protopsalti

Alkistis is an internationally acclaimed Greek singer and has been supporting Sophia for several years now through her concerts. She has visited our schools and orphanage in Kenya in 2017 and ever since she promotes the rights of children though campaigns and other activities.

Galatia Pamboridis

Galatia Pamboridis is a popular TV chef, food blogger and recipe creator. She has inspired many to join our Adopt a Child programme through her recent visit with Sophia in Kenya and uses her cooking talent to fundraise for our projects.

Christiana Aristotelous

Christiana is Cyprus’ most popular TV presenter whose show is by far the highest in ratings for more than a decade. She stands by our activities and projects, promoting Sophia through her programs, reportage, campaigns, auctions and sponsorships.

Katia Savva

Katia is a journalist, TV news presenter and an activist renowned for the credibility of her work and the straightforwardness of her interviews. She actively fights for the rights of children, refugees, the environment and is an ardent supporter of Sophia and its programmes.