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Help our chain of love to grow!

I Adopt a Child

The I Adopt a Child programme grants children in Kenya the chance for a better future through access to education and care, offering them hope and the right to dream.

By filling out the online application, you can transform a child’s life in Kenya.

Witnessing a child smile and knowing you have contributed to that joy is immensely fulfilling. Let’s unite in a chain of love and create as many smiles as we can on children’s faces! With just 20 euros a month, you can significantly impact a child’s life and future by providing them with education, food, medical care, and safety.

What does an adoption mean for the children?

The I Adopt a Child programme supports more than 4,000 children in 9 schools in Kenya. The programme provides:

  • Education
  • Two daily meals in school for every child
  • Clean Water
  • Medical care
  • School books and stationery

Children are taken to the nursery and primary schools we support away from the hazards of the streets, so that they can be protected. A child’s health as well as their learning process is improved through the provision of food and medical care. This gives the child the incentive to go to school and to progress his/her education with joy, health and dignity.

At the Makarios Children’s Home, the orphanage under our guardianship in Nyeri county, we offer lodging, full support, and education up to university level to the children under our care.


Children supported


Schools supported