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Our mini African bazaar!

Our handicrafts are made by the communities we support in Kenya

Sophia supports unemployed women across Kenya by providing them with employment opportunities. Through the purchase of handmade jewelry, bags, baskets, and other handicrafts crafted by these women, we ensure they receive consistent financial support, aiding in the sustenance of their families.

All handicrafts are available at our Mikromagazo, permanently hosted at no cost on the ground floor of the Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia. Additionally, our products can be found at pop-up stores and bazaars during special events and functions both in Cyprus and internationally. A selection of our handicrafts is also available at our headquarters at Annis Komninis 31, 1061 Nicosia.

Our objective is to help individuals in Kenya in enhancing their lives by promoting and selling their work. At the same time, we aim to generate funds for our programmes in both Kenya and Cyprus.

A gift with a meaning for christenings, weddings or any other event

The handicrafts of the Mikromagazo are a unique gift for any occasion such as christenings, weddings, birthdays or other events. Every gift supports the children in need.

Limited edition SIGG bottles in support of Sophia

Through an ongoing special collaboration, SIGG provides Sophia with exclusive bottle designs inspired by Africa. All proceeds from the sale of the bottles go towards providing clean water in Kenya. They can be purchased at the Micromagazo, our stalls or here.

Contact us for any enquiries.