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Sophia organizes several fundraising events every year in support of its projects

Coming soon! Elephant in the room!

20 unique collectible elephant works of art
20 artists
20 companies which have adopted the elephants

The elephants will be displayed at the Presidential Palace on the 26th, in the presence of the artists, representatives of the companies, Sophia supporters and volunteers. The exhibition will remain open to the public on the 27th June from 4pm to 7pm.

Our heartfelt thanks to the artists and companies who have made this event possible!


Panikos Tembriotis, Theodoulos Gregoriou, Athina Antoniadou, Panayiotis Pasantas, Demetris Neokleous, Lia Lapithi, Spyros Agathou, Antonis Tziarrides, Constantinos Stefanou and Eleni Gircalli, Christos Kyriakides, Elina Theodotou, Paris Sergiou, Leda Theophylaktou, Leda Symeonidou, Marina Genadieva, Stephanos Athienitis, Marcela Sramkova, Nitsa Chatzigeorgiou, Myrto Makridou, Rinos Stefani and Susan Vargas.


Vassiliko Cement Works PLC, Eurobank Cyprus, Argosy Trading Company Ltd, Panglobe, Societe Generale Bank, Skylink, PWC Cyprus, El Greco Medical Center, Caramondani Group, Psaras Construction, Ioannides Demetriou LLC, CIC Mercedes-Benz Cyprus, Karyatides Developments Ltd, ECOMMBX, Salt & Pepper, Karma Developers, Wargaming.

Memorable events

September 2023
10 years of the I Cook and I Offer programme for our children in Cyprus was celebrated at a special ceremony at the Presidential Palace. During the ceremony, the President of Cyprus awarded the sponsors of the programme in the presence of Cyprus government ministers, teachers, parents and children as well as the 36 cooks employed by the programme.

July 2023
Concert “Thalassaki mou” by George Dalaras and Pantelis Thalassinos at the School for the Blind Amphitheatre for the support of Sophia.

September 2020
“Giraffes For Hope” event aimed to raise funds for the financial support of the Sophia programmes and initiatives.

February 2019
100 hearts made with Love. Fundraising event at the Leventio museum.

June 2018
Let’s Hippo” event took place at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia Cyprus. Twenty collectible hippos made from fiberglass, each created pro-bono by well-known Cypriot artists, where “adopted” after a draw by 20 companies-sponsors who supported Sophia for Children.

April 2017
Alkistis Protopsalti Concert at the Makario’s orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya.

December 2016
“My Doll Story”. 270 personalities from the artistic, cultural and business circles of Cyprus and Greece were asked to create, transform and give life to 270 dolls – made by Kenyan moms, in order to create their own personal doll. All dolls were presented and sold at an exhibition, with the goal of supporting the programmes of Sophia.

December 2013
“The arrow of Hope” an exhibition and auction at the Omikron Gallery, organised by Myrna Pattichi and Phileleftheros. 200 personalities and artists from Cyprus and Greece created their own pashminas. All proceeds were given to the Sophia I Cook and I Offer programme.

June 2012
Exhibition and auction at Omikron Gallery, under the title “A bag-a child-a life”. Myrna Pattichi and the newspaper Phileleftheros, joins forces with Sophia. 128 kiondo baskets from Kenya were transformed by artists and personalities from Cyprus and Greece and were auctioned, with all proceeds donated to the Makarios Children’s Home.

April 2011
Anna Vissi performs ‘Unplugged” at Strovolos Municipal Theatre. All proceeds were given to the reconstruction of the new premises of the Makarios Children’s Home in Kenya.