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Education is the means through which children can change their lives for the better, learn and prosper with safety and dignity


In Kenya our I Adopt a Child programme aims to encourage Education from an early age. We focus on schools in impoverished or remote areas providing breakfast, lunch and medical care to all children in nursery and primary schools. In this way, we ensure that more than 4,000 children are able to go to school and learn in a safe environment.

We also provide schools with books, stationery, recreational materials and sports equipment thus reinforcing the learning process of children.

In the Makarios primary and nursery school, a school we entirely sponsor, we demolished the old dangerous classrooms and built new ones. We also created new hygienic toilets with flushing water and urinals, a project fundraised by the Cypriot movement “Running, Walking for their dreams”.

In Cyprus, since 2013, through our programme I Cook and I Offer, we provide lunch to children in 18 all-day primary and 10 nursery schools either completely free or with a small voluntary contribution by the parents where possible. All children eat together a well-balanced meal prepared at the kitchen of the school without discrimination or racism. Having the opportunity to have their lunch at school enables the children to continue with their afternoon classes and activities such as music, dance and sports as well as completing their homework under their teachers’ guidance.


Our core philosophy is to give every child in need the opportunity and the right to grow up with safety, dignity and care.

Our programmes focus on protecting children, keeping them off the streets where they are exposed to every kind of physical and psychological abuse or delinquent behaviour. Providing a safe and pleasant environment, we ensure that children in school can feel safe and cared for.


Children supported in school in Kenya


Children supported in school in Cyprus