The ‘Sophia for Children’ was established in 2008 by Cypriot volunteers, having as its aim to fight poverty and its repercussions, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable of all social groups, that of children.

The foundation works on a purely voluntary basis. It is a team effort which aims towards the solution of specific problems; that is why we operate without intermediaries, in order to ensure that our help reaches directly the final recipients, i.e. the children.
Our main activities since 2008 concentrated on children in Kenya. Our operations aim to providing security and safety, board and lodging, healthcare, education and recreation to children in areas plagued by poverty and famine.

The Foundation operates on the basis of donations and income from special programmes, activities and charity events we organise.

The programmes that we plan and implement provide a breath of life for children, not meant as a figure of speech, but literally. Having witnessed the down-at-heel, degrading conditions in the slums of Kenya, we remain realists, being well aware of the fact that our presence there will not heal Africa’s open wounds; but we are convinced that our tiny steps in that direction contribute towards saving the lives of little children. Our understanding of the extent of the problems and of the other organisations working in Africa has made us certain that our contribution would be of great value, if based on realistic and specific programmes. Our approach has been the same in our own country, when in 2013 the financial crisis and its repercussions created tangible needs for the children of Cyprus. Thus, the special programme “I cook and I offer” for all-day Primary schools, has been running simultaneously with our activities in Kenya. Our aim in this programme is the provision of tangible, practical help by creating permanent elements of infrastructure in schools and the contribution of unemployed mothers, living in the communities affected by the financial crisis.