Supporting Children in Prison

The Foundation supports children who are kept in several juvenile prisons such as in Nakuru and Nyeri in Kenya, providing them with clothes, shoes and toys. At the same time we fight for the freedom of the children and when we manage to get as many of them out of prison under our custody, we secure their safety, food and education. For this purpose we either admit them to the “Makarios Children’s Home” or to secondary boarding schools, always under our care and responsibility. In this way we ensure not only their education but their smooth re-entry in society.

Moreover, we offer medical care food and clothing to children who are kept with their imprisoned mothers. At the Women’s Prison of Nakuru, more than 30 children under four years are kept in prison with their mothers and live under completely inappropriate conditions. The violence between inmates takes often-such an extent, which forces the children to experience extreme situations for their age.

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