Housing and Boarding

“Makarios” Children’s Home

The “Sophia for Children” has undertaken as a first step, the construction of the new and renovation of old premises of the Makarios Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya. This orphanage houses approximately 150 children, many of whom are HBV and/or HIV carriers or even ill with AIDS.

The whole reconstruction has cost over 400,000 euros, money we have obtained from donations and sponsorships.

Following this, the Foundation has undertaken the daily running and maintenance of the home and care of the children, by providing for them full board, clothing, healthcare, education and recreation.

After their graduation from primary school, we ensure the children’s attendance boarding schools for secondary education, away from the orphanage, thus giving them the opportunity of social reintegration and further education.

Subsequently, after secondary school we implement our ‘exit plan’, which involves the final training of the children before they leave our protection and go out into the real world. With this plan all children receive technical studies and training in a trade of their choice (carpentry, food catering, clothes making, hair- dressing, jewellery etc).

For the children who manage to pass the entry exams for university, we undertake to secure the necessary fees for their entry. This last goal lies at the core of our philosophy; to give a child in need the opportunity not only to survive the day, but to grow up with dignity and care equipped with the tools necessary to change his/her fate and thus break the vicious circle of poverty, violence and disease.

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